Monday, 28 February 1994



I apologize profusely for this announcement.

Currently, I no longer take advantage of Google Adsense ads on my YouTube channel. This has to do with personal reasons. The advantage for you is that there are no more ads that will distract you while watching videos.

I actually really like making video tutorials like this. I take the time to make videos in between the busyness of my main job. But to be honest I also need to profit financially from the videos and programs that I have created. Since I no longer take advantage of Google Ads, I open donations for YouTube viewers or blog visitors to support me in making Videos and creating program codes. The money you donate will also help me to rent a domain from this blog, buy equipment and components that will be used in making videos.

Of course, you can still download the program for free even if you don't make a donation. And I can not give and promise anything to those of you who have made a donation. This is purely the help you give me without getting anything more than the programs and videos that I have created. This is also the reason why I don't use the memberships feature on YouTube because I feel I can't provide more benefits for the members.

For your attention, I thank you profusely.

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Below is the new download link, please feel free for it : )

1. Visual C# Project Code Lists

2. Java Project Code Lists

3. Arduino - NodeMCU Serial Communication Code Lists

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